Chase Alexander Johnson is the only born child of Lillian Johnson & the firstborn son and child of Jayden Johnson, the younger paternal half-brother of Logan Harrison and is the leader of The Gem Warriors.

Powers & Abilities

Powers (via The Red Power Gem)

After being chosen as the wielder of the Red Power Gem, Chase's DNA was altered and possesses the ability to manipulate the weather.

  • Atmokinesis: Chase has the ability to manipulate all the types of weather.
    • Advanced Electrokinesis: Chase has been given the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. Chase first used this ability by accident. He accidentally zapped many Mutants with bright red volts of electricity from his hands.
      • Electrical Blasts: Chase has the ability to generate small, yet concentrated energy shocks, sparks and blasts from his hands and sometimes concentrate it to make a fully-formed bolt of electricity.
      • Electrokinetic Teleportation: Chase has the ability to manipulate lightning from the sky, and send it down around him to transform himself into electricity, and re-assemble his molecular structure in a different location.
  • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: As a variation of his electric manipulation ability, Chase has the ability to manipulate electro-magnetism and electro-magnetic sources.
    • Electromagnetic Shield Generation: Chase has the ability to pull together his electromagnetic energy to form a shield that if any electronic touches it, it will shut down.
    • Flight: Chase has the ability to generate an electromagnetic field around his body, making him levitate and using his electric power to push off the ground. Since Chase has control over his powers he has the ability to fly higher and above the atmosphere.
  • Aerokinesis: Chase has the ability to manipulate and speed up winds fast enough to create hurricanes.
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