Elena Maria Isabella Esmerelda Magdalena Sofia Maribona Hernandez is the tritagonist of The Legend Of The Power Gems. the fourth-born child of Marisol Sanchez-Flores & the third-born child and firstborn estranged daughter of Javier Hernandez, the step-son of Cameron Flores, the younger maternal half-sister of Bella Hernandez, the younger brother of Tony Hernandez, the older fraternal twin sister of Ernie Hernandez & the older maternal half-sister of an Unborn Child.

Powers & Abilities

Powers (via The White Power Gem)

After Touching and being chosen as the wielder of the White Power Gem, Elena's DNA was altered and possesses many psychic abilities.

  • Advanced Telekinesis: Elena has the power of telekinesis so she can move various objects with her mind without physical contact, like when her brother was using his super strength in the house and had knocked down a priceless antique, but she had levitated it right before it had fell on the ground.
    • Telekinetic Flight: Elena has the ability to a telekinetic field around her body and can fly and levitate.
    • Telekinetic Force-Field Generation: Elena can compress her telekinesis so she can make a telekinetic shield to block and absorb any threat.
  • Telepathy: Elena has the ability to read others minds threw feeling their thoughts.
    • Mind Warping: When Elena enters a person's mind, she is able to warp the thoughts and manipulate them into doing what she wants. She is able to warp multiple people's thoughts at once. She has stated that this power isn't mind control but, she can only influence one's thoughts, meaning that she can't make someone do anything that they wouldn't already do.
    • Psychic Communication: Elena has the ability to communicate with others telepathically and she can sense them if she has a connection.
    • Telepathic Illusions: Elena can create telepathic mirages in someone's mind so they can she what she wants to she
    • Empathy: When Elena enters' a person's mind she can sometimes experience what they are feeling.
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